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Berrichi Skin supports key functions and health of Your skin from inside out. This all-in-one supplement is developed based on skin needs and has strongest natural antioxidant, astaxanthine, rice-based ceramide Myoceram and fish-based collagen in it. Berrichi Skin can also be used as daily multi-vitamin as it cotains vitamin A, B, C and D. Berrichi Skin improves condition of hairs and nails, strengthens body defense barriers and vitality.

• Supports skins barriers against UV radiation and environmental stressors
• Restores and keeps hydration-levels in check, offering healthy and glowing complexion
• Improves texture, prevents and erases signs of aging
• Supports healthy hair, nails and eyes, strengthens immunity and vitality
• No parabens, sulphates, phthalates, artificial flavours

Recommended daily dosage 2 capsules during 30 days, especially during seasonal changes or during whole year whenever You want. Recommended daily intake 2 capsules with food. Store in cold and dry place, keep out of reach of children.

RESULTS IN TIME: Increased vitality and better immune system from day one. Skin and nails will look and feel better with few weeks. Hair needs longer period – course of 3-6 Months. There are other factors at play as well – good night sleep, diet and enough moving.

HOW TO USE: Recommended daily dosage 2 capsules with dinner. Collagen and vitamin B absorb better during our sleep so it is wise to consume it prior going to bed.
Pay attention to Your overall wellbeing – if You feel very energetic, start regular consumption with breakfast.
Most important is consistency and regular use of Berrichi Skin.

INGREDIENTS: 1. Astaxanthine (6 mg) protects skin from photo-aging and UV-radiation coming from screens around us (PC, phone, TV. Term “photoaging” stands for damages caused by sun, which fasten aging and dehydrate skin. Further more, astaxanthin is excellent bonding ingredient of free radicals in skin. Free radicals are number one reason behind aging. Astaxanthine also supports muscles, joints, eyesight and cardiovascular system. Berrichi Skin has Icelandic Astaxanthine in it which comes from sustainable algae-plantations which base on hydro-energy and pure natural water.
2. Myoceram (30 mg) is rice-based ceramide. Ceramides, main lipids in upper layers of the skin are barriers to keep water locked so the skin is well hydrated and elasticity in check. Amount of ceramides in skin decreases with aging along with capacity to keep hydration-
levels, skin turns dry and thin, causing wrinkles to appear. Skin turns more fragile to environmental stressors. It makes much more sense to take ceramides internally than using ceramide-based products directly on-skin as their structure in skin is layered from inside out. Clinical research have proven, that Myoceram ceramide quarantees optimal skin barriers. Further more, ceramides support protective barriers and hydration of our whole body.
3. Collagen (250 mg) is building block of the skin. It brings elasticity and acts as main ingredient of bonding tissue in skin. Collagen brings health to skin, hair and nails. Collagen supports joints and bones, muscular tissue and cardiovascular system, brings health to eyes, hair and nails. Skin turns softer, tighter and locks moisture. Fish collagen beats animal collagen in bioavailability and absorbtion thanks to it having the smallest particle size and molecular weight. It absorbs faster into blood circulation and whole body. Fish-collagen is extracted from the skin, scales and fins of fish. As this is waste of fishery, it can be considered sustainable product which recycles leftovers.
4. Vitamin A, riboflavin, niacin and biotin work together as anti-agers and support natural functions of the skin. Vitamin Chelps collagen production, decreases and prevents premature aging.

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