Shoti Maa In the Mood organic herbal tea 16x2g (32g)

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100% organic infusion with hibiscus and orange as main ingredients (16 tea bags). 

In the Mood Tea supports and harmonises the 2nd chakra.
This delicious tea from the Shoti Maa Tea-collection is an Ayurvedic herb and spice tea from the Seven Chakras collection.

The nature of the 2nd Chakra is creativity. It is connected with the flow of emotions and attraction of opposites.
I feel the Earth. This is the planet I was born to - I stem from it. If I wiggle my toes, I can squish the fertile soil.
Ingredients: Hibiscus* (48%), orange peel* (18%), lemon grass*, rose hips*, black pepper* (5%), liquorice*, cardamom*, cinnamon*, ginger*, orange extract (1%), cloves* (* = organic).


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