Aloe juice 99,8%, 1l

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Aloe juice balances the digestive system, cleanses and tones the body.

The juice with a pleasant sour taste is suitable for raising the general tone and strengthening the immune system. Can also be used during a diet supporting the body. Works to promote and balance digestion, contributes to tissue regeneration, supports skin functions.

Based on pure aloe juice derived from 99.8% internal aloe leaf gel organically grown in Andalusia.

The product is grown in an environmentally friendly environment, without additives, which can cause color and taste to vary.

Usage: Take 5 tablespoons or 49.9ml per day. The juice can be mixed with water or juice. Not suitable for use in small children and during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Shake before use!

Ingredients: pure aloe juice derived from 99.8% inner aloe leaf gel (0.2% natural preservatives)

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