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The Magic Box combines 12 types of Shoti Maa tea in one box and is an ideal gift to spoil yourself and your friends with exquisite tea enjoyment.

Shoti Maa's tea creations are based on the knowledge of the 7 chakras, which are described in the tradition of yoga and Ayurveda as the main energy centers of our body,
and the 5 elements, the basic building blocks of all life.

Every chakra and every element stands for special characteristics, abilities and aspects of a person. If the chakras and elements are balanced, a natural state of harmony, relaxation and vitality arises of its own accord.


Bring joy: Roasted chicory root* (45%), cocoa shell*, licorice root*, cinnamon*, black pepper*, ginger*, cardamom*, turmeric*, clove*. 

Feel love: hibiscus* (35%), apple*, licorice root*, lemongrass*, rosehip*, rose petals* (5%), fennel*, cinnamon*, turmeric*, anise*, cocoa shell*, ginger*, cardamom*, clove*, black pepper*. 

Living compassion: Green tea* (45%), nettle*, ginger*, spearmint*, lemongrass*, fennel*, cinnamon*, matcha green tea* (2%), basil*, lemon myrtle*, turmeric*, cardamom*, clove*, black pepper*. 

Awakened: White hibiscus*, ginger* (25%), peppermint*, licorice root*, apple* (6%), cinnamon*, lemon extract (3%), galangal*, turmeric*, black pepper*, cardamom*, clove* . 

Before noon: fennel* (40%), licorice root* (25%), roasted chicory root*, cinnamon*, Corn cob*, black pepper*, ginger*, nettle*, cardamom*, clove*. Contains licorice — avoid excessive consumption if you have high blood pressure. 

Lunch break: chamomile* (20%), apple*, white hibiscus*, cinnamon*, licorice root*, lemon myrtle*, lime* (5%), rosehip* (5%), ginger*, nutmeg*, lemon peel*, orange peel* , black pepper*, cardamom*, clove*. 

Tea Time: Cocoa shell* (45%), cinnamon*, licorice root*, carob*, ginger*, roasted chicory root*, cardamom*, black pepper*, corn silk*, clove*. 

Evening rest: Ginger*, cinnamon* (15%), licorice root*, fennel*, rooibos*, cardamom*, carob*, roasted chicory root*, cocoa shell*, clove*, black pepper*, natural flavor, vanilla* (1%) , Nutmeg*. *controlled organic cultivation clove*. Contains licorice — avoid excessive consumption if you have high blood pressure. 

*controlled organic cultivation

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