Cocoxim Coconut water – with Citrus juice 330ml

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Coconut juice or coconut water is 100% natural.

Coconut water is good for health for the following reasons:
* helps to lose weight (due to low fat content)
* helps prevent diabetes thanks to the low sugar content
* quenches thirst better than water
* coconut water promotes digestion
* helps fight viruses and expel toxins, strengthens the immune system
* contains more than 15 times more potassium than sports drinks (so coconut water is a great thirst quencher during exercise), plus a whole host of other minerals, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants
* helps dissolve kidney stones
* promotes hair growth
* balances hormones

While coconut milk is made by pressing the flesh of mature coconuts, coconut water is the liquid inside the young green nuts. Young coconuts are harvested several months earlier than the usual brown nuts we are used to seeing in stores. For people living in the tropics, coconut water is an everyday drink. It is considered to be a healthy drink and even a medicine for many health ailments such as intestinal infections, to dissolve kidney stones, etc.

Our coconut water comes from Vietnam. Palm trees grow together with other plants in a natural environment and are not poisoned or fertilized with synthetic substances.

Ingredients: 94.0% coconut water, sugar 4.0%, citrus (Calamansi) juice 2.0%,

Nutritional information (100ml contains on average): energy content 126kJ/30kcal, fats 0.0 (of which saturated fatty acids 0.0g), carbohydrates 7.58g (of which sugars 7.58g), proteins 0.0g, salt 0.097g.
Keep cool and dry.

Gluten and dairy free. No preservatives or coloring agents have been added to the product.
Keep cool and dry.

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