Coconut palm sugar 1kg

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Coconut palm sugar is made from coconut palm flower nectar. During the evaporation, a brown syrup is obtained, which is dehydrated into cranules. No additives are added during preparation, it is unrefined and naturally has a sweet caramel taste. Coconut palm sugar is suitable for various foods and drinks instead of regular sugar and can withstand heating well.

Palm sugar produces slow-release energy that the body stores throughout the day, unlike regular sugar, which produces a quick spike and then a drop in energy levels. It has a naturally low glycemic index (GI), which is useful for weight control and keeping blood sugar levels stable.

Perfect for desserts, baked goods, tea and coffee.

Why use palm sugar?

It is unprocessed, so it has many useful properties:
* contains C and various B group vitamins;
* contains potassium, nitrogen, zinc, iron, sodium and magnesium (potassium and nitrogen help prevent cardiovascular diseases; magnesium and sodium are important for the nervous system; iron strengthens the immune system and is necessary for the blood);
* has a low glycemic index

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