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Maca powder improves athletic performance, increases vitality. Maca supports the immune system, has an antioxidative effect and increases tone, i.e. it works very well against chronic fatigue.

It is extremely rich in various minerals. It contains almost all vitamins, as well as flavonoids, essential oils and other substances that are very useful for the body.

Maca root is a source of sexual energy, the older a person gets, the more the libido decreases and in men the sperm quality may decrease. Various studies have proven that Maca also has a positive effect on the number and activity of sperm cells.
Maca grows high on the Andean plateau, at an altitude of 4,200 meters, making it the highest food in the world grown above sea level.

In summary, it contains: proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, starch, fructose, tannins, fatty acids, alkaloids, macro- and micronutrients, iodine and vitamins.

Consumption - 1-2 tablespoons per day. It is recommended to start with half a tablespoon at first, some sources even recommend 1/4 tablespoon at a time and several times a day with meals. And later increase the quantity as desired. It is recommended to take a one-week break every month or a month-long break every three months when using the powder. The powder is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Use in food - the powder can be mixed with water, juice, yogurt, muesli, milk (especially soy milk), it can be added to food or made into tea.

The powder has a rather strong taste, but when mixed with jelly, sweet sauces, juices, berries or fruits, it can be very tasty. So it is suitable to use as a light meal with yogurt and curds.

It is reasonable to use the powder with everyday food. Maca gives a great taste even to the dough of ordinary bread and bread, not to mention the butters that we use every day.

Health products Maca powder contains equal parts of red, yellow, purple and black maca root.

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