Matcha sticks 10x1g

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Our matcha sticks are practical alternative for on the go, which are excellent for the uncomplicated and quick dosing Your Matcha is suitable - Matcha to go!

Our matcha sticks offer diverse application possibilities and are ideal for delicious mixed drinks such as matcha lattes, milkshakes, smoothies and fruit juices.

Through their intense and slightly bitter taste they are also suitable for use in the kitchen. Even with just a few grams, food can with Cook and bake the typical Matcha flavor as well as an appealing green color be awarded.

List of ingredients:

100% matcha (shaded green tea powder, camellia sinensis), 1g per stick
  • ORIGIN: Original matcha from the Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima
  • QUALITY: High quality with an appealing green color 
  • CULTIVATION: Ztwo-step shading of the tea bushes before harvest and sgentle grinding to fine
  • matcha powder
  • TASTE: Exquisite taste with intense, slightly bitter taste nuances
  • PREPARATION: Ideal for the preparation of mixed drinks and the refinement of meals
  • STORAGE: Available in the practical 10 x 1g packaging, which means that dosing is no longer necessary on the go!


Nutritional value per 100g                     1g per stick

Energy value         1193kJ / 285kcal       12kJ / 3kcal
Proteins                 24.1 g                       0.2 g
Carbohydrates        21.2 g                       0.2 g
– of which sugar       5.2 g                    < 0.1 g
Fats                      < 0.1 g                    < 0.1 g
– Of this saturated < 0.1 g                    < 0.1 g
fatty acids

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