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Pure henna for a flaming red. The khadi Natural Hair Color Pure Henna colors your hair in a bright red tone. Depending on your natural hair color and how long the color acts, you create a unique tone: with bright hair you get a lively orange red, shining copper or a rich dark red. Brown hair shines in a powerful mahogany and dark brown to black hair receives red reflections that dance in sunlight.

khadi Plant Hair Color Pure Henna benefits your hair and yourself. It is completely natural and consists of 100% effective henna extract. This is why it is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. Henna has a healing effect, strengthens your scalp and relieves irritation. khadi Pure Henna dyes intensively but gently while covering grey hair.

Like a color coat, the henna pigments lie around every single hair. They strengthen and maintain your hair while coloring, making it soft and supple. You feel and see: your hair feels full and strong. It shines healthy and radiates in natural, beautiful red.

First clean your hair with a silicone-free shampoo like khadi Rose Shampoo. If you have blonde, streaked, or heavily strained hair, pre-pigment your hair with Senna / Cassia, Golden Hint or Light Blonde, so that your hair will take the color evenly.

Stir the natural hair color khadi Pure Henna with 80-90 degree hot water until it is spreadable. For a more intense color or a faster result, add acidic additives such as apple vinegar or lemon juice. Spread the color mixture with a brush evenly in your hair: Strands for strands - up to the tips. If you only want to color your roots, spare lengths and tips.

Leave the natural hair color between 30 and 120 minutes. The longer it is applied, the more intense the color results - from orange red to copper red to dark red. Then rinse the color with clear water.

Do not use shampoo for 24 to 48 hours. During this time the color develops fully. Then fix the pigments with a khadi-hair oil, which you leave on for 20 minutes. Then wash with a natural shampoo and enjoy your individual henna red.

Note: Each hair is different - the way we are all different. Therefore, the results can vary. We suggest to test the khadi Natural Hair Color Pure Henna first on a discreet strand.

khadi Pure Henna is ideal to prepare light before coloring with khadi Dark Brown, Black and Pure Indigo. In principle, you can mix khadi Pure Henna with all indigo-containing khadi natural hair colors - color depth and intensity remain the same.
Mix khadi Henna:

  • with Khadi Pure Indigo for individual brown nuances. This mixture is particularly suitable if you are allergic.
  • with Khadi brown tones, such as Khadi Natural Hazel, for copper nuances or a red-brown tone.
  • with Khadi blondes, like Khadi Light Blond, for discreet to intense red nuances (up to 30% Khadi Henna). This color blend is also excellent when you are preparing white or light hair on Khadi Dark Brown, Indigo or Black.

INCI: Lawsonia inermis (Henna)

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