Shoti Maa Allow Love Rose & Hibiscus 16 x 2g

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Shoti Maa Allow Love Rose & Hibiscus. Treat youself with this delicious herb and spice tea blend in best organic quality. Hibiscus, apple, licorice root and lemon grass are refined with rose petals, fennel, cinnamon and other spices.

Application: For a safe product pour 300 ml of boiling water over 1 tea bag and leave to infuse for 5-6 minutes.

Ingredients: Hibiscus* 35%, apple*, liquorice root*, lemon grass*, rose hips*, rose petals* 5%, fennel*, cinnamon*, tumeric root*, anise*, cocoa shells*, ginger*, cardamom*, cloves*, black pepper*

* From certified organic farming

Additional Information:

Store in a dry place. Protect against heat.


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