TESTOBOOST – 80% saponins 130 capsules

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Testoboost is designed for physically active people, who aim to support their physical and sexual prowess.


Tribulus terrestris 95%     1600 mg

Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides)    400 mg

Vegetable capsule (glazing agent – pullulan)

Tribulus terrestris, also known as Ci Ji Li, is a plant used in traditional Indian medicine. The Tribulus terrestris extract with sea-buckthorn enhances stamina, restores energy, and boosts vitality. The product contains natural vitamins, including vitamin C and antioxidants that enhance the effect of Tribulus terrestris.

• Boosts libido
• Maintains sufficient energy levels
• Gives irresistable self-assurance
• Is natural and safe

Testoboost enhances testosterone levels in men and oestradiol levels in women. Recommended for men to boost physical stamina and capability, stimulates the growth of muscle mass, and enhances vitality and sexual energy. The sea-buckthorn in the product is abundant in vitamins, containing various A-, E- and B-group vitamins, and, above all, vitamin C. Sea-buckthorn berries help to boost the immune system.

Suggested use: 2-4 capsules daily, or as advised by your doctor or therapist. Take with water, and preferably with a meal to prevent gastrointestinal tract irritation.
Net quantity: 130 herbal capsules, 500 mg per capsule
Recommended period of use: periodically, e.g., after a 4-8 week course, take a break of equal length
Warning: Do not use the supplement as a substitute for a varied diet.


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