Shoti Maa Harmony organic Chai Tea 16x2,4g (38,4g)

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100% organic classic chai with cinnamon, ginger and cardamom as main ingredients. Without black tea (16 tea bags). 

Harmony Tea to support and harmonise the 7th Chakra. 
This delicious tea from the Shoti Maa Tea-collection is an Ayurvedic herb and spice tea from the Seven Chakras collection.

This tea provides support to all of the Chakras and balances the aura, the energy field that surrounds you.
This is a great tea to use to harmonise and balance your entire system.

The perfect blend for a spicy life.

Ingredients: Cinnamon* (53%), ginger*, cloves*, black pepper*, cardamom*, fennel*, cinnamon extract, rose petals*, turmeric root*, raspberry leaves* (* = organic).


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