A.Vogel Kelpasan N200

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Kelpasan is a dietary supplement made from kelp from the Pacific Ocean. Rich in iodine.

4 tablets daily. The dosage should not be exceeded.

Dietary supplements should not be used as an alternative to a varied diet.

Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, potato starch, 
kelp (Macrocystis Pyrifera)corn starch, cottonseed oil.

Each tablet contains 50 mcg iodine.

Kelpasan tablets are one of the oldest dietary supplements in our range. Containing iodine, they are beneficial for people who suffer slow metabolism.

The iodine contained in seaweed supports the body's metabolic processes by normalizing the thyroid hormone production process. This, in turn, encourages the body to digest more efficiently and gives us more energy.

Seaweed contains important minerals, iodine, and therefore people use it precisely to support thyroid function.


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