Biotta Breuss – fruit and veggie 0,5l

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Rudolf Breuss was a worldknown naturopath from Austria who developed a special juice mixture for his patients to support their health with valuable minerals and vitamins.

Biotta Breuss is made in Switzerland from organic fruits and vegetables.

An excellent source of potassium. Rich with vitamin A and C, which support the immune system and skin health.

The balance of potassium in the body is important for maintaining normal blood pressure and ensuring muscle function.

Helps to cleanse your body of residues and supports the health of the digestive system.

Ingredients: Apple juice*, beet juice*#, carrot juice*#, celery juice*#, orange juice*, potato juice*#, radish juice*, lemon juice*. Pasteurized.

*ecological ingredients, #fermented with lactic acid.

Fruits 45%, vegetables 55%


Awarded a gold medal by the DLG (German Agriculture Association) for excellent taste and quality!

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