Vitamin C (1000mg) + Selenium + Zinc, 150g

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Ingredients: maltodextrin, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), natural lemon flavour (3%), stabilizer: cellulose, zinc gluconate, sweetener steviol glycosides, natrium selenite.

Using advice: recommended daily amount is 5g (1 scoop). Mix in a glass of water and drink. For precise measuring we suggest weighting.

Nutritional value per 5g 
Vitamin C 1000mg (1250%*)
Zinc 10mg (100%*)
Selenium 55µg (100%*)

*NRV - Nutrient Reference Value

Warnings: The recommended daily amount should not be exceeded. The nutritional supplement is not a substitute for varied and balanced diet. Not recommended to use during pregnancy and lactation. Keep out of reach of children! 

Made in Slovenia.

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