Chia Seeds, 250g

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Thousands of years ago, chia seeds was a staple in the diets of ancient Mayans and Aztecs whose warriors relied on chia seeds to boost energy. Today this tiny seed is a favorite of athletes, especially distance runners, who tout it as endurance enhancing superfood. Suitable for vegans.

May contain traces of gluten, nuts and sesame.

Ingredients: Chia Seeds (Salvia hispanica)

Usage: mix in cereal, yoghurt, smoothies, sauces, salads. Before use, soak in water or liquid (juice, milk), for 10 min. It is advisable not to exeed the dose of 15g of seed per day.

Nutritional values per 100g
Energy 1832kJ/444kcal
Fat 31,4g
   -of which saturates 3,8g
Carbohydrates 4,9g
   -of which sugars 0,8g
Fiber 33,7g
Protein 21,2g
Salt 0,01g
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