Golden Nag White Sage 15g

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The Golden Nag White sage incense is a true classic in terms of both smell and brand. Traditionally, white sage has been the scent the Indians used to chase away evil spirits. Meanwhile, the scent is loved all over the world to purify homes from negative energies and especially to enjoy the scent.

White sage originally grows a lot on the coast in Southern California. For the Indians, white sage is a sacred herb. They used it a lot for their ceremonies, such as chasing away evil spirits. The spicy scent of white sage is known as invigorating and vitalizing. That makes it a suitable scent for meditation. It is a suitable scent to put everything together and to let go of the negative.

White sage is one of the older and traditional incense scents. Many people use the scent to “clean” their home from negative energy.

Fragrance: Californian White Sage, spicy scent is invigorating and vitalizing
Material: Hand rolled in India using pure extracts and the finest scented oils
Approximate sticks per pack: 15
Approximate Burning time: 30 Minutes


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