Himalayan table salt 1kg

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Himalayan table salt salt e. Rose salt. Crystal salt deposited more than 250 million years ago contains more than 82 natural minerals necessary for the human body. The pink color is due to the high mineral content in the salt (iron, potassium and magnesium), which are important for good health. 100% natural product. Chemically untreated and does not contain synthetic additives.

Himalayan salt is considered very pure and valuable because it is:

rich in minerals;
contains natural iodine;
without additives;
chemically untreated;
Supplies the body with more than 82 biologically active and easily absorbed minerals by cells;
Stimulates blood circulation;
Optimizes the absorption of nutrients from our daily food and helps slimming;
Cleans the connective tissue and stimulates the removal of toxic substances from the body;
Stimulates the body's defenses;
Improves mood and gives energy;
Normalizes blood pressure;
Dissolves and eliminates sediment that can lead to the formation of gallstones;
Reduces ailments caused by arthritis and rheumatism;
Relieves skin ailments by inducing true cleansing — from the inside out;
Promotes the removal of heavy metals from the body;
Reduces cravings for addictive substances.

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