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Weleda Organic Nursing Tea 20pcs

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The nursing tea is a blend of raw vegetable materials from controlled organic cultivation: produced without artificial fertilizers and pesticides - after all, the baby ingests everything through breast milk. The contained fruits of anise, cumin, fennel and fenugreek are known traditionally for their lactation support. By having added lemon verbena, the nursing tea it tastes pleasantly mild and is balancing, harmonising and promotes a relaxed breastfeeding experience. Suitable for vegans.

Suddenly everything is different: Becoming a mother changes the life of the woman. The Weleda pregnancy and lactation series is a reliable companion during this period: it supports a gentle birth and harmonious breast-feeding.

INCI: Fenugreek Seeds [1], Anis [1], Fennel fruits [1], Caraway fruits [1], 15% Lemon verbena leaves [1]

  1. from controlled organic agriculture
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