Coconut oil (cold pressed) 500ml

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Cold-pressed coconut oil is pressed from the flesh of the coconut. It is suitable for use in cooking - it tolerates heating well, it is also suitable for bread instead of butter, for making chocolate and raw candies, and for baking.

In skin care, coconut oil can be used as a body or hair oil.

It is also very suitable for use before and after tanning.

Useful features:
* antibacterial properties;
* is not deposited in the fatty tissue of the body and rather promotes metabolism;
* helps lower the level of bad cholesterol;
* strengthens the immune system;
* contains a lot of useful vitamin E, helps digestion and vitamin absorption;
* stimulates the work of the thyroid gland;
For hair
* fights against dandruff,
* works against split ends,
* is against hair loss etc
How to use: Leave in the hair overnight to make a moisturizing and healing mask, or apply a small amount to the ends to prevent split ends.

For face and skin
* it moisturizes dry skin,
* ideal after sunburn,
* prevents wrinkles and pregnancy scars,
* fights skin aging
* works against acne etc

Nutritional information (100g contains on average): energy content 3724kJ/890kcal, fat 99g (of which saturated fatty acids 93g), carbohydrates 0g (of which sugars 0g), fiber 0g, protein 0g, salt 0.002g.

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

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