Lazurite Crystal Water Bottle 550ml

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What makes crystal bottles so special?

Natural crystals

Made of glass and stainless steel

The healing energy of crystals

You can choose a water bottle with crystal energy that suits you

What is a crystal water bottle?

A water bottle with crystals integrates the healing energy of crystals into our body. The crystal water bottle works on a molecular and vibrational level. It carries the energy of the crystals into the water. Water receives the energy charge of a particular crystal. Such water stimulates and calms our mind and emotions.

Crystal water bottles improve mental well-being. It creates a positive mood and has a positive effect on our physical health as well. It promotes calmness, supports healthy and glowing skin. Gemstone bottles combine the benefits of water with the properties of crystals. This magical tandem creates an effective means of increasing our well-being.

This crystal healing water bottle is a must have if you are already enjoying the healing world of crystals or if you are just entering the new and exciting world of crystal energy. The positive benefits of drinking crystallized water are usually felt within the first week. The water in the bottle is charged with pure crystal energy throughout the day! You can now safely get rid of your old plastic bottle. Drinking this energized water will invigorate you from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep.

If you value your personal health and well-being more than anything else, this is the water bottle for you! If you are not sure which bottle is right for you, read the description of the different crystals under the products and choose the crystal that best suits your current intentions and situation. There can also be several different water bottles with crystals that can be used according to the current situation.
Crystal water bottle with lasurite rod:

Lazurite - Said to help create and maintain a connection between the physical and celestial level, creating a strong spiritual connection. Stimulates self-awareness, self-expression and helps reveal inner truth. Helps bring clarity and stimulates creativity.

Choose a healing crystal water bottle with lazurite if you want to relieve stress and create inner peace and courage to be honest. Water charged with the energy of lazurite is used to create stronger bonds and friendships and to promote harmony in relationships, helping to express feelings and emotions. Perfect for people who want to take life into their own hands and support self-awareness and self-expression without compromise. This crystal helps organize your daily activities, increases concentration and relaxes busy, noisy minds. When there are days when things don't make sense, this crystal reduces confusion and brings clarity. Lazurite is useful for migraine headaches and hearing loss, as well as elevated blood pressure.

Water charged with lazurite energy promotes critical thinking and is therefore an ideal choice for writers, journalists, psychologists and managers.

LAZURITE - Known for its healing and calming effects. It is still considered the ultimate stone of balance and enlightenment of the senses. Keeping this crystal close to you or carrying it with you will improve your mental, physical, psychic and emotional state.

This stone is a very spiritual crystal - it is an ideal companion for meditation and to relieve depression. It also strengthens the wearer's sense of tenderness, and therefore this stone is considered a powerful loyalty crystal. It is also known as a crystal of wisdom and awareness, among other things. He also favors creative expression.

However, lasurite is probably most often used to strengthen psychic consciousness.
This crystal breaks down the barriers between the conscious and unconscious mind and allows its wearer to perceive intuitive knowledge and impulses. He helps turn thoughts inward, frees the mind from old thought patterns and gives courage to realize dreams.

The lazurite cleanses a person's aura of karmic burden and activates the wearer's spiritual abilities, allowing them to connect with spiritual teachers.

NB! Since they are natural crystals, each one is a little different and unique.

Can be cleansed from time to time with Palo Santo, sacred wood smoke or tingshas.

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