Water bottle with crystal rod, Obsidian, 550ml

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Crystal rod water bottle - Obsidian, 550ml with water bottle pouch

What makes crystal bottles so special?

Natural crystals

Made of glass and stainless steel

The healing energy of crystals

You can choose a water bottle with crystal energy that suits you

What is a crystal water bottle?

A water bottle with crystals integrates the healing energy of crystals into our body. The crystal water bottle works on a molecular and vibrational level. It carries the energy of the crystals into the water. Water receives the energy charge of a particular crystal. Such water stimulates and calms our mind and emotions.

Crystal water bottles improve mental well-being. It creates a positive mood and has a positive effect on our physical health as well. It promotes calmness, supports healthy and glowing skin. Gemstone bottles combine the benefits of water with the properties of crystals. This magical tandem creates an effective means of increasing our well-being.

This crystal healing water bottle is a must have if you are already enjoying the healing world of crystals or if you are just entering the new and exciting world of crystal energy. The positive benefits of drinking crystallized water are usually felt within the first week. The water in the bottle is charged with pure crystal energy throughout the day! You can now safely get rid of your old plastic bottle. Drinking this energized water will invigorate you from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep.

If you value your personal health and well-being more than anything else, this is the water bottle for you! If you are not sure which bottle is right for you, read the description of the different crystals under the products and choose the crystal that best suits your current intentions and situation. There can also be several different water bottles with crystals that can be used according to the current situation.
Crystal water bottle with obsidian rod:

Obsidian - is a gem of a higher realm, with strong psychic protection and dispels negative energy.

Choose a healing crystal water bottle with black obsidian if you want to get rid of disharmony and protect yourself from negativity. Black Obsidian is a powerful stone that helps clear the psychic fog within your aura that affects daily life. Black obsidian is a strong protective stone. Therefore, water charged with black obsidian helps to balance your physical, emotional and mental health.

Obsidian is going to keep all your doubts and insecurities at bay. Keep an obsidian crystal water bottle close by when you need to boost your confidence and self-belief. Trust starts with revealing secrets and accepting yourself. Drink from an obsidian crystal water bottle when you seek truth and have questions about life and love. Being a stone of truth, it helps you find meaning and stick to what really matters.

Obsidian has a good effect on muscles and strengthens them. Obsidian channels the healing energy of this crystal into the water and draws stress and tension out of the body. Obsidian crystal water is helpful if you have fatigue or persistent headaches. Just drink from an obsidian crystal water bottle and you will notice its calming effect.

OBSIDIAN together with rock crystal protects against negative influences, helps overcome emotional overstrains. Prevents from committing acts with grave consequences as it prevents sin. He absorbs negative energy and teaches to overcome selfishness. It forces its wearer to face their deepest unconscious fears and negative feelings so that they rise into consciousness. Obsidian is a stone of transformation and rebirth, and its greatest merit is that it gives man the ability to meet himself and teaches that light and darkness have one source. The stone removes wasted energy, sadness, anger and restlessness from the body and aura. Working with obsidian is usually accompanied by an experience of inner vulnerability, as the release of familiar energy creates a void that is soon filled with new light and power.

NB! Since they are natural crystals, each one is a little different and unique.

Can be cleansed from time to time with Palo Santo, sacred wood smoke or tingshas.

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