Liebe die Natur nail polish The Classy 5ml

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15-free*, vegan and environmentally conscious - the nail polish from Liebe die Natur is better for you and better for the environment! Did you know that nail polish and nail polish remover often contain a variety of different chemicals that can harm your health and the environment? The natural and vegan nail polish from Liebe die Natur convinces with 80% ingredients of natural origin, a water vapor permeable and breathable base and all nail polishes from Liebe die Natur are 15-free. That means we're eliminating 15 questionable ingredients found in some conventional nail polishes and replacing them with better, more environmentally conscious alternatives. The high-quality nail polishes from Liebe die Natur are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and also offer you high opacity, a short drying time and optimal durability - see for yourself! Tip: There is also the matching nail polish remover from Liebe die Natur - this removes all nail polish effectively but gently without acetone and with valuable essential oils.


Step 1: For an optimal result, we recommend the colorless varnish as a base coat. This creates a smooth surface and protects your nails from possible discoloration with intense colors.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of your desired color and let this layer dry well. One layer of the high-quality nail polish from Liebe die Natur is usually sufficient, but if you want a more intensive and more opaque result, you can apply a second thin layer, which you also let dry well.

Step 3: Seal the dried paint layer with a thin layer of the clear varnish to extend the durability of the varnish.

Ingredients: 15-free*: frei von Phthalaten (einschl. Dibutylphthalat (DBP), Diethylhexylphthalat (DEHP)), Toluol (auch Methylbenzol), Xylol, Kampfer, Formaldehyd, Formaldehydharz, Ethyltosylamid, Triphenylphostatat, Kolophoneum, Organophosphaten (AOX), Karmin und Guanin

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