Acupuncture Massage Mat 68x42x2cm

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This mat:

  • can help reduce back, head and muscle pain;
  • you will relax after a hard day's work;
  • helps to improve the quality of sleep;
  • helps to get rid of unpleasant limb cold;
  • helps to strengthen immunity and speed up the fight against colds;
  • helps to improve metabolism.

There are many uses: the possibilities are endless with this mat! For example, you can sit on the floor or sit in a chair mat behind you. You can lie on it both on your back and on your stomach. Can be used with yoga exercises. Since it can be rolled up, you can use it at home, in the office, at work or in the car.

It is recommended to use 30 minutes a day (lying on a mat). It is also recommended to be used before going to bed, as the mat relaxes and helps you fall asleep better.

The color is blue.

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