Massage roller + Gua Sha massage stone, Rose quartz

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Pink Quartz massage roller 2 + Gua Sha massage stone in a beautiful box
A set in a beautiful box, which is suitable for both face, neck and body massage. Use a large roller to massage your face, which stimulates blood circulation and reduces swelling. Use a small roller around the eyes. Detailed instructions are included with the product. Helps reduce facial swelling and tension. Perfect for initial skin care before makeup application.

The soothing vibrations of rose quartz have a balancing effect on the entire human body, reducing stress and tension.

Rose quartz is the stone of love. He opens our heart chakra, higher heart chakra, and crown chakra to receive all kinds of love: healthy self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. Rose Quartz energies increase the power of love in every life situation, bringing gentleness, forgiveness, compassion and tolerance into our hearts. Calms and reduces stress and tension, helps to get rid of anger, self-loathing, guilt, fear and jealousy. The stone is well suited as a massage and healing stone.

Gua Sha massage stone - rose quartz. It is used in performing massage or scraping therapy. By affecting acupuncture points and meridians on the body with this stone, you stimulate blood circulation and metabolism.

"Gua" means to scrape and "sha" means acute disease. Therefore, this method is also called "scraping the disease". Massage oil made from medicinal plants and this excellent massage stone are used for the therapy, with which the surface of the body is treated (scraped).

The aim of the cosmetic gua-sha massage is to improve the metabolism of the skin and subcutaneous areas and to expel waste products, as a result of which the skin becomes more elastic. It also prevents skin aging and smoothes wrinkles. During the massage, various energy meridians and the points located on them that are connected to the internal organs are affected, and the general state of health also improves.

Can be cleansed from time to time with Palo Santo, sacred wood smoke or tingshas.

NB! Since it is a natural crystal, each one is unique.

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