Menstrual Cup Natu´, size 2

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Reusable menstrual cup, size 2. It is for women over the age of 30 years or women who have given birth naturally. Easy to use, it is manufactured out of a medical platinum silicone which is 100% hypoallergenic. Natù is safe, convenient, practical and comfortable.

Natù can be used night and day and allows you to do all types of sports, including those aquatic. Disposable sanitary absorbents and tampons are no longer a compulsory choice. Natù is an innovative and ecological choice which considers your well-being and the environment.

Natù respects your body because:

✓Prevents contact with sanitary absorbents and tampons that are potentially irritating.

✓Does not disturb the natural equilibrium of the vaginal area as it is free from chemical substances or irritants.

✓It collects the menstrual flow rather than absorbing it

✓It does not contain whitening agents or aggressive chemical materials such as bleach or chlorine.

✓It’s perfectly tolerable for women with even the most sensitive skin or allergies.

Natù is convenient because:

✓It’s as easy to use as a tampon, it occupies little space and you can’t see it.

✓Avoids leakages, unpleasant odours, irritations and a dry vaginal area.

✓It’s emptied less frequently as you don’t need to change tampons.

✓It’s ideal for sport, travelling,  leisure, the beach and for night use.

Natù respects nature because:

✓Prevents the production of waste. Every woman throughout her fertile life throws away around 10,000 sanitary absorbents.

✓It reduces packaging waste and the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere from transportation.

✓Prevents the destruction of trees and deforestation.

Natù is economical because:

✓It can last up to 10 years

✓1 Natù is sufficient.

✓The cost of Natù is absorbed in only a few months.

✓It will help you save hundreds of dollars.

Natù is safe because:

✓It is produced out of 100% medical platinum silicone which is hypoallergenic.

✓It conforms to The International Regulations:  USP Classe VI -  US Pharmacopoeia XXII -  BfR - FDA  21 CFR  177.2600

✓It does not contain, latex,phthalate, perfumes, whitening agents, or harmful chemical substances or animal products.Natù loves you and the earth.

Natù is easy to use. Natù was designed and made to be folded and inserted into the vagina to allow for a more natural and ecological alternative to traditional sanitary absorbents. To do this simply adopt the easiest solution for you. Once Natù has been correctly inserted into the vagina it perfectly adheres to the vaginal walls and can be used for up to 8 consecutive hours, according to the intensity of the menstrual cycle. When necessary Natù is simply taken out, emptied, and rinsed with water and reinserted. Between monthly cycles Natù can be sterilized in boiling water for a few minutes.

Inside the packet you will find all the instructions needed for the correct use of Natù.

Natù  combines positively all the needs of daily life whilst respecting the environment and people for a sustainable future: from this idea Greenproject Italia Srl was born, which produces and distributes Natù, a menstrual cup that is safe, convenient ,ecological and ergonomic

We have made Natù from a catalytic platinum silicone , which is a material guaranteed to last, of high quality, and has a biocompatibility clearly superior to standard silicone, catalysed or peroxide, or other materials where synthetic rubber or latex are normally used. The platinum silicone, used to produce Natù, conforms to the strict International standards: USP classVI ( suitable to remain inside the human body for up to 30 days) US pharmacopeia XXII, FDA CFR 177.2600 and BfR and offers the following advantages :

✓It has been clinically tested and is 100% hypoallergenic.

✓Non toxic and biocompatible, free from latex and phthalates.

✓A great elasticity that allows, if squashed or folded, not to be permanently deformed.

✓Great resistance to tearing and the wearing effects of time.

✓Soft, extremely transparent and not subject to yellowing even after long periods of use.

✓High duration and resistance to long periods of sterilization.

✓Easy to clean.

During her life every woman throws away more than 10 000 sanitary absorbents. In Italy alone it is estimated that 5 million sanitary absorbent pads or tampons are used each year, which corresponds to hundreds of tons of waste that is difficult to dispose of. All this without even calculating the waste created by packaging ( wrapping, plastic protective covers etc) and the emission of CO2 into the environment linked to transportation.

Natù is the alternative, safe and convenient, to disposable feminine hygiene products. Natù is an ecological solution that relates in a natural way to your body. Natù is a good reason to break old habits and not let womanhood pollute or ruin the environment.

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