Morning Star Frankincense 20g

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Morning Star Frankincense incense is produced by the renowned Japanese incense specialists, Nippon Kodo.

Frankincense is an aromatic resin that is collected from Boswellia trees. Different varieties of Boswellia trees produce slightly different types of resin, with the opaque resin considered to be the best quality. The trees only start producing resin when they’re eight to 10 years old.

Frankincense has been used as an aromatic ingredient for thousands of years and was one of the highly valued gifts presented at the birth of baby Jesus. The name frankincense comes from the old French phrase ‘franc encens’ which literally means high quality incense.

When burned, the Morning Star Frankincense incense releases a warm and sweet aroma.

Like the other incense in the Morning Star range, the Frankincense incense sticks can successfully be combined with other incense fragrances to create your own home scent.

Size: Approximately 12cm each

Burn Time: About 30 minutes

Country of Origin: The components are from Japan, and manufactured in Vietnam.

You will receive one package with 50 Incense sticks plus a small holder.