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Wheat germ oil in compare with known vegetable oils has maximum content of vitamin E in the most active form. Wheat germ is a small part of the wheat grain, what is the Initiation of a new plant. During processing wheat sprouts are carefully seperated from wheat grain, and they are used in the production of healthy food, as wheat germ contains important nutrients such as vitamin E, folic acid, phosphorus, thiamin (B1), zinc, magnesium, essential fatty acids and octacosanol.

Oil is obtained from wheat germ and used in food and cosmetic oils.

Wheat germ oil is recommended as a supplement to the daily diet, as wheat germ oil is the richest natural source of vitamin E among all foods. In addition, wheat germ oil contains octacosanol and unsaturated fatty acids, including OMEGA 3, OMEGA 6 and OMEGA 9. This oil has a rough taste and smell, what feels like raw whret grains and also soft yellow color. It should not be heated, and after opening should be kept in the refrigerator, because it tends to oxidize.

Wheat germ oil stands out among other foods with a high amount of natural vitamin E in it. 100 g oil contains 255 mg of vitamin E. Vitamin E has a number of biological functions, from which the most studied is excatly vitamins antioxidant function. This vitamin is fat-soluble, and it is incorporated into the cells membrane, where it protects cells from damage caused by oxidation. In addition, vitamin E has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and muscle function, as well as to the health of the blood vessels, what are damaged by atherosclerosis.

Wheat germ oil is one of the few vegetable products containing octacosanol. Octacosanol is a substance that acts as an activator of oxygen utilization the body by increasing the body's resistance, improving muscle response. Moreover octacosanol have beneficial effects on cholesterol regulation.

Wheat germ oil is also a source of unsaturated fatty acids. 100 g of oil contains up to 84 g of unsaturated fatty acids, including oleic acid (OMEGA 9) - 18 g linoleic acid (Omega 6) - 59 g, and alpha-linolenic acid (OMEGA 3) - 6 g. Unsaturated fatty acids favorably affect blood cholesterol levels, immunity, hormonal functioning of the cardiovascular system. But exactly OMEGA 3 fatty acids are particularly important and necessary for the body, because they are generally lacking in the daily diet. OMEGA 3 essential fatty acids belong to a group that should be on a diet, like vitamins. OMEGA-3 fatty acids particularly beneficial for the heart, joints, and mental health. 

Wheat germ oil particularly recommended for dry and irritated skin, because of its composition OMEGA fatty acids and vitamin E it most favorable affect this type of skin. Wheat germ oil will also improve the chapped skin, so it is recommended to use the elbow, knee and foot skin care, in addition it can be used to dry and brittle hair to restore their healthy structure. To use effect of this wonderful oil for oily or mixed type of skin, wheat germ oil is recommended to be diluted with lighter oils such as macadamia nut oil: 1 part wheat germ oil and 6 parts of macadamia nut oil.

Wheat germ oil contains the highest antioxidant vitamin E level of all vegetable oils and therefore is particularly effective to protect the skin from free radicals, strengthening skin's defense power and improve skin health, appearance and flexibility. Wheat germ oil can also be a good assistant in care for scars, burns, sun burns, stretch marks, inflammation, as well as skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Vitamin E also has regenerating and stimulating effects on the skin collagen and elastin, thus significantly improving the skin's ability to retain elasticity, delaying the appearance of wrinkles, skin droop and stretch marks. Since oil for is unable to infiltrate deep into the skin, the best way to pick up the vitamin E is to use wheat germ oil not only externally, but also internaly - doses of 1 teaspoon a day.

Wheat germ oil contains oktakozanol, what promotes the use of oxygen in the body. The studies have shown wheat germ oil improves skins blood circulation and oxygen supply in the skin.

Skin care experts recommend to use wheat germ oil in combination with aloe juice and / or vitamin C. Both of these products reinforces wheat germ oil exposure invigorating effect.

Since wheat germ oil has a characteristic smell like grains of wheat, which may seem troublesome, it is recommended to add some of your favorite essential oils to the wheat germ oil.

Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that retards aging of cells and eliminates inflammatory processes in the skin. Has a high penetration ability and helps to eliminate harmful substances from the body and skin.

Regenerating, moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, cleansing, anti-cellulite effect.

Helps to improve the complexion and rejuvenates the skin, keeps it supple and fresh even in old age. Especially recommended for dry, mature and aging skin. Suitable for daily care of the face and hands.

Application: Wheat germ oil in its pure form is rarely used, as it has a thick consistency. Typically, as a basis, it is mixed in equal amounts or in a ratio of 1: 2 with almond, peach or apricot kernel oil.

• cellulite: to 1 tbsp. wheat germ oil, in admixture with one of the abovementioned oils, add 1 drop of essential oils of orange, mandarin or grapefruit or 1 drop of essential oils of geranium, juniper, lemon and fennel. Make a massage of problem skin.

• masks and Wraps: For aging, sagging, tired and wrinkled skin. To 1 tbsp. of oil base add 1 drop of essential oils of peppermint, rose, sandalwood, orange.

• to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes: to 1 tbsp of butter-base - add 2 drops of essential oils of sandalwood and rose.

• for flaky, dry skin and lips, wheat germ oil used alone or with the addition of essential oils of roses (1-2 drops per 1 tbsp. of the base). Lubricate the skin 2-3 times a day, massaging.

Precautions: Individual sensitivity. Avoid contact with eyes.

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