Ol`Vita Milk Thistle 200g

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Milk Thistle Fruits contain bioflavonoids called silymarins, which are strong antioxidants. Additionally, they are a very good source of unsaturated fatty acids, mainly linolenic acid and vitamin E. 

Milk Thistle Fruits, when regularly consumed, demonstrate protective effects in case of such disorders as: viral hepatitis A, B and C, cirrhosis and hepatic impairments.

Properties and use:

  • support digestion,
  • maintain the physiological balance of sugars,
  • protect the body against free radicals,
  • support the treatment of psoriasis and skin inflammations,
  • exert positive effects in case of cholelithiasis,
  • help in case of lack of appetite,
  • help in case of flatulence,
  • help treat motion sickness,
  • helpful in bleedings of internal organs and lowered blood pressure,
  • support the removal of toxic substances from the body during the recovery, caused by such factors as: poisoning with mushrooms or abuse of alcohol.

Recommended use of Milk Thistle Fruits - 2 times a day 1 teaspoonful. They may be consumed directly, added to a drink or meal.

Some of the information is obtained from generally available sources.

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