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User friendly:

Put 5-7 nuts (about 15g) in a closed cotton bag. Place the soap nut bag in the washing machine with the laundry. Select the washing mode as usual. Saponin is released from nuts. When washing at a low temperature (30 - 40 degrees), the soap nuts can be used twice, when washing at a temperature of 80 - 90 degrees, the soap nuts can be used three times. Laundry smells naturally fresh after washing. Soap nuts cannot be used to whiten laundry, if necessary, use laundry bleach or stain remover. Also suitable for washing woolen clothes and silk.


Using nuts preserves nature. Soap nuts are an ever-renewable natural resource that grows on trees. Does not pollute water bodies and the saponin dissipates 100% in nature. Used nuts can be composted or placed in organic waste.

Skin friendly:

The saponin in soap nuts gently washes clothes clean and soft without rinsing agents. Soap nuts are odorless and do not leave chemical residues on the laundry. Soap nuts are particularly suitable for allergic and sensitive skin (also suitable for nut allergies), atopic skin and for washing baby and children's clothes.

Country of origin: Pakistan

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