EstVita Ivan Tea – Rose Bay Willow Herb Tea with Hawthorn 20×1.5g

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Rose Bay Willow herb tea with hawthorn will prevent you from fatigue. It will take care of the most significant thing that we have which is heart. It will also be useful in cases of frequent vertigo and blood pressure ups and downs.

Hawthorn has the important healing characteristics:
– improves blood circulation, and the work of heart;
– helps to form healthy flora of the bowel;
– prevents diabetes;
– calms down the nervous system.

It is recommended to use this tea for preventing the high irritability and nervousness.

Rose Bay Willow herb tea does not contain sugar, preservatives or coloring substances.

Ingredients: Rose Bay Willow herb (fermented and granulated), hawthorn berries.

Hawthorn berries are good for the treatment of hypertension, arrhythmia, general weakness and atherosclerosis. In addition to that ROSE BAY WILLOW herb tea with hawthorn gives you deep and healthy sleep.

Regular use of ROSE BAY WILLOW herb tea:
– helps to normalize the functioning of prostate;
– normalizes blood pressure;
– it helps to get rid of slag and toxins;
– it normalizes the functioning of digestive system and decreases tiredness.

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