Money frog red 7.5x7x5.5cm

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According to feng shui, figures of frogs with a coin in their mouth are considered to bring luck, abundance, wealth and prosperity. The money frog is traditionally placed in the abundance corner of the home, which is located in the southeast zone - diagonally opposite the main entrance. The money box can also be placed in the abundance corner of every room in the house. NB! It should be ensured that the frog does not look out of the window or door, but that its head is directed towards the center of the house or room. The money box should not be placed directly on the floor or very high, as frogs are afraid of heights. In a company where active customer service takes place, the wallet can be placed right next to the cash register - the frog's head can be directed at the door at a small angle, as if it were only looking at the door from the corner of its eye (the head must not be directed out of the door).

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