Rhino Horn™ Neti Pot Red

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The use of Rhino Horn is alleviating common nuisances of a clogged nose, e.g. from having a cold. Mucus is removed, and the swollenness of the mucous membranes is relaxed.

Rhino Horn is likely to become a good friend for people who have asthma or respiratory allergy of pollen or dust. The use of Rhino Horn is an effective treatment of occasional sinusitis and even an essential assistant at chronic sinusitis. Nasal saline irrigation is mandatory after nasal surgery.

Many snorers report a reduction of snoring after having used Rhino Horn before bedtime. Pregnant women easily get swollen mucous membranes because of hormonal changes. They too are helped by the use of Rhino Horn.

Even severe respiratory illnesses like cystic fibrosis, COPD or ciliary dyskinesia are known to be much alleviated by the use of Rhino Horn.

Most people like taking a shower simply because it gives a nice refreshed feeling of wakefulness and alertness. An inner shower with Rhino Horn has a somewhat similar effect.

Saltwater is the natural and gentle solution for your mucous membranes. It is safe to use; no extra chemicals added, no side effects.

Fill the Rhino Horn with body temperature water. The right saline solution will make the use of Rhino Horn pleasant and refreshing. 

Rinses the nasal passages, relaxes the mucous membranes, sharpens the senses. The water runs through the nostrils by itself with the help of gravity only. 

The nose is emptied of any remaining water. Result: open nose, free breathing; mucus, pollen and dust rinsed away.
– It feels good!


For ages, nasal cleansing has been part of folk medicine in many areas of the world, and it is also a recognized natural medical treatment. Many ENT doctors recommend Rhino Horn for their patients.

Fishermen all over the world have been rinsing their nasal passages with salt water for generations. In some African tribes, nasal cleansing is referred to as a «purifier of thoughts», i.e. clearing the head. In the Yoga tradition, nasal cleansing is known as Neti.

The main reason for Rhino Horn’s success is the immense support of the medical society. Rhino Horn is simple to use, effective, with no side effects and an affordable device to be used for many years with no extra cost.



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