Gemstone roller bottle 10ml – Lazurite chips (-23%)

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This 10ml roll-on bottle is filled with crystals, and the roll of the bottle itself is made of crystal.

Fill this bottle with your favourite oil, perfume, water, homemade oil mixture or homemade perfume, etc. Let the crystal you choose give its crystal energy to the oil or perfume in your bottle. Let the crystals fill the liquid in the bottle with their energy and let the crystal roller transmit the vibrations of its crystal energy to your body by applying the mixture/oil/perfume in the bottle to your skin.

Choose your favourite crystal or several! There is more information about the specific crystal at the end

There are 9 different crystal bottles to choose from:

Rock Crystal - is known as a master healer and amplifies energy and thought, as well as amplifying the effects of other crystals. Clears the mind of negativity to increase receptivity. Also used to enhance the healing properties of other crystals.

Rose Quartz - The "Mother" of crystals among gemstones symbolizes irreversible, infinite and unconditional love. Restores trust and harmony in relationships.

Amethyst - known as the stone of mind and peace, balances, calms the psyche and mind and gives confidence and assurance.

Fluorite - promotes spiritual and psychic integrity and development, protection and brings peace. It helps to meditate. Neutralizes computer radiation. Strongly protective and stabilizing stone; useful for grounding and harmonizing mental energy.

Red jasper - Increases vitality, perseverance and endurance. It helps if you need to communicate with people a lot. Also suitable for childbirth.

Tiger's Eye - is a well-known protective stone that also allows you to see everything. Use it for insight and you might be a very happy person. Brings clear thinking and understanding and gives confidence! Focuses the mind, helps dispel fear and anxiety, and helps stabilize mood swings.

Jadeite - soothing and balancing for the entire human body. Jadeite is believed to protect against accidents and mishaps.

Lazurite - Said to help create and maintain a connection between the physical and celestial planes, creating a strong spiritual connection. Stimulates self-awareness, self-expression and helps reveal inner truth. Helps bring clarity and stimulates creativity.

Sodalite - Increases logic, rationality and efficiency. Helpful for working in groups and stimulates thinking.


LAZURITE - Known for its healing and calming effects. It is still considered the ultimate stone of balance and enlightenment of the senses. Keeping this crystal close to you or carrying it with you will improve your mental, physical, psychic and emotional state.

This stone is a very spiritual crystal - it is an ideal companion for meditation and to relieve depression. It also strengthens the wearer's sense of tenderness, and therefore this stone is considered a powerful loyalty crystal. It is also known as a crystal of wisdom and awareness, among other things. He also favors creative expression.

However, lazurite is probably most often used to strengthen psychic consciousness.
This crystal breaks down the barriers between the conscious and unconscious mind and allows its wearer to perceive intuitive knowledge and impulses. He helps turn thoughts inward, frees the mind from old thought patterns and gives courage to realize dreams.

The lazurite cleanses a person's aura of karmic burden and activates the wearer's spiritual abilities, allowing them to connect with spiritual teachers.


NB! Since they are natural crystals, each one is a little different and unique.

Can be cleansed from time to time with Palo Santo, sacred wood smoke or tingshas.

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