Gall Soap - Stain Remover, 130g

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Gall soap efficiently removes individual stains and impurities (grease, blood, ink, grass, red wine, fruit and vegetable juice, soil, sweat on shirt collars or cuffs, etc.). Suitable for whites and colour fast clothing made of both natural and synthetic fibres.

Instructions for use: Wet the stained area, apply the gall soap and rub briefly. After about 15 minutes rinse properly or wash the whole clothing item. Should the stain not disappear completely, repeat the process. For coloured clothes: apply the gall soap to a non-visible spot first to make sure the textile is colour-fast.

Ingredients: ≥30% soap, <5% glycerine, gall enzymes, limonene. This product does not contain oil derivatives, palm oil, synthetic fragrances, or dyes.

Warning: Keep out of the reach of children. Contains limonene. May cause allergic reaction.

Made in Czech Republic.

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