Sauna Soap 100g

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Sauna soap with juniper and eucalypt is a perfect soap for sauna, introducing Estonian sauna culture. The pleasant woody juniper aroma is soothing in aromatherapy, allowing the senses to rest while eucalypt refreshes mind and body. Washing with Sauna soap, you cleanse and tone your skin.

The soap does not contain synthetic preservatives or colorings. Packaged in eco-friendly packaging


Sauna soap can be used for full body wash.

INGREDIENTS INCI: Olea Europea (olive oil), Cocos Nucifera (coconut oil),  Brassica Campestris (rapeseed oil), Ricinus communis (castor oil), juniperus communis leaf oil (juniper leaf essential oil), Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil (eucalypt essential oil), d-limonene* (*naturally occurring in essential oil).

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