Sensual Massage Oil “Lovers” 120ml

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Make long evenings sensual and enjoyable!

Forget everything else around you and fully commit to each other. Let the sweet scent of vanilla take you to the paths of pleasure. Natural massage oil makes the skin soft and silky and turns massage sensual. Perfect for a foreplay.

Massage oil is made with quality organic oils. Does not contain synthetic preservatives or colorings. Packaged in eco-friendly packaging.


Take a good amount of massage oil from the jar and rub it between your arms, turning it to warm gel, then apply to the skin.

Store at room temperature. Protect from direct sunlight. 


Ingredients INCI: Cocos Nucifera Oil (coconut oil)*, Helianthus Annuus seed oil (sunflower oil), Vanilla planifolia fruit extract (vanilla extract), Tocoperol (vitamin E). *Organic ingredient, total 90% of the product.

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