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Strip Sugar - a unique sugar method for professional hair removal with depilation papers. This natural hair removal tool is water-soluble, leaves no unpleasant residue on the skin and is much less painful than other tools, as it only sticks to the skin, not the hair.

Sukar Strip sugar paste is applied in a very thin layer, always removed, either with paper or cloth. Suitable for removing longer and softer hairs all over the body.

Depilation home care:
In order for the results of depilation to last a long time and for the skin to be beautiful in any situation, it is important to pay enough attention to its care.
Moisturize your skin every day, both in summer and winter, and exfoliate your skin a few times a week in the shower according to your skin type. In this way, you remove dead skin cells from the skin and prevent hairs from growing under the skin and causing inflammation. Exfoliation makes the skin more receptive to moisturizer and improves blood supply to the skin.
Dry brushing is even more effective than peeling. Practice doing this every day before the shower and prefer natural fiber brushes and gloves. Your skin will look more supple, healthy, even-toned, and best of all, dry brushing doesn't like cellulite!

Contraindications for depilation:
Scar tissue (less than six months old) and skin lesions
Large birthmarks in the area to be depilated (cut the hair there with scissors)
Hypersensitive and/or heat-sensitive skin; skin irritation reactions
Infectious skin diseases (e.g. impetigo) or parasites (e.g. lice, scabies)
Hemophilia (bleeding disease or bleeding disorder)
Varicose veins and thrombosis (clogged blood vessels caused by a blood clot inside a blood vessel)
Epilepsy (risk of having an epileptic fit)
Diabetes (slow healing of skin injuries)

Don't sunbathe immediately before, and don't go to the solarium for 24 hours
Do not cream or exfoliate your skin immediately before
Sugaring is less painful each time
A week before the period of days, the bikini area is the most sensitive
Gentle hair removal slows hair regrowth
Rest yourself, your skin is more sensitive when you are tired

Sugar is 100% natural
Sugaring is also suitable for sensitive skin

INGREDIENTS: Sucrose, Aqua, Lemon.

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