Banjara Cedar Pine 15g

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Fumigation is the practice of burning sacred herbs, resins, and woods for purification, healing, ritual and ceremonial purposes.

Now you don't have to worry about coal and tar to perform this ritual, you just light Banjara incense and you're done.

Anyone can fumigate, regardless of religion or belief, and each package contains instructions to help you properly perform this ritual. But always remember that the most important thing in fumigation is intention. It is not so important how you do it, but why you do it.

When creating Banjara incense, the focus was on a pure and natural scent. These sticks have a rather strong resinous-woody aroma.

Traditionally used for protection, cedar can also be used to fumigate a new home as you move in. Cedar smoke attracts positive energy and eliminates negative energy, and it can also be used to offer prayers to the Creator. It soothes as well as instills confidence and strength. You can use this incense for any of these purposes, or incorporate it into your own fumigation rituals.

The totem animal of this incense is the Aztec Cuautli - the eagle of the Aztec empire. It symbolizes courage, strength and bravery. This large, fearless bird was a symbol of strength for the warriors of the Aztecs. The journey of the sun from night to day was the epitome of the flight of an eagle.

This incense is handcrafted, environmentally friendly and ethical.

Packing: 15g (about 10 sticks).

Each stick is approximately 23 cm long and the burning time of each stick is approximately 50-55 minutes.

Manufacturer: India.

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