Yoni Egg - Rock Crystal (L), ca. 35x45mm

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The ribbon must be purchased and tied to the egg itself. Tasteless and odorless dental floss is best suited for this.

Yoni eggs have been used in Eastern cultures for centuries.

The reason: it improves women's health. This tradition has been passed down to new cultures/generations over several generations. Yoni eggs are egg-shaped gemstones that are placed in the vagina.


Pelvic floor muscle exercise, improving the vaginal wall, increasing sexual desire, experiencing stronger orgasms, postpartum recovery, vaginal tightening.

If you use the Yoni egg regularly, it relieves PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps, and some women have become more regular in their cycle length.

When to use:

Yoni eggs can be used while meditating, watching TV, exercising, working, walking, and other daily activities.

Most often, training is started with a size M egg, and it does not matter your height or body type.

Size M Yoni egg is suitable for young women who have not yet given birth, are in shape and have an active lifestyle. Also for women who have given birth and are in good shape and active.

Cleansing the Yoni Egg:

Bring the water to a boil and place the Yoni Egg in the water for a few minutes, then remove from the water and leave to dry on a towel.
Special attention must be paid to the hole through which you put the thread, because after each use the hole must be cleaned from the inside with a cotton swab.
Can also be washed under running warm water and left to dry on a towel.
The egg should not be washed with soap.

Rock crystal is a master healer and can be used for any medical condition. It purifies and invigorates the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep purifier of the soul. In a person's inner world, he is able to resolve emotional accumulations, replacing them with equanimity. It stimulates the immune system and balances the body. On a spiritual level, he raises the energy to the highest possible level. Rock crystal is great for healing burns. He harmonizes all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies. Used in meditation, it filters out distracting distractions. In fact, rock crystal should be included in any semi-precious stone use or treatment, as it amplifies the energy of other crystals and balances and cleanses our aura, being both transmitter and collector at the same time.

It is an ideal meditation stone, which, with its strong field, removes all distracting energies from bedrooms, living and working spaces, and radiates peace, harmony and protection into the clarified atmosphere. He can also solve emotional accumulations (blockages) in a person's inner world, replacing them with balance. Under the influence of the rock crystal, one becomes more sociable, more expressive, more sensitive and more attentive to one's fellow human beings. Facilitates telepathic connection and clarification of all relationships. Rock crystal helps the rational understanding of any information, as it strengthens every thought process. A faceted stone brings only clarity and purity and does not allow the wearer to descend into a hole; round stone helps to focus, improves memory, speech and thinking.

Rock crystal can be used to activate all chakras, but it is most powerful when affecting the third eye, solar plexus, and heart chakra. In fact, rock crystal should be included in any semi-precious stone use or treatment, as it balances and clarifies (cleanses) the aura, being both a transmitter and a collector at the same time, stronger as a transmitter. Since the energy of the rock crystal is always pure and clear, it deeply affects each chakra, thus making the energy move freely throughout the body.

Can be cleansed from time to time with the smoke of Palo Santo, sacred wood.

NB! Since it is a natural stone, each one is unique.

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