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The Biotta Vita 7 tastes delicious! 7 varieties of direct juice from fruits & vegetables. Organic breakfast juice & healthy kick for your juice day.

Biotta Vita 7: Natural organic juice from fruits & vegetables
The bright orange colour of the Biotta Vita 7 makes you want a glass of juice and stimulates your senses! The sweet-fruity organic juice from seven different fruits and vegetables has been a classic among Biotta juices for over 20 years. It contains direct juice from the following fruit and vegetable varieties: orange, carrot, banana, apple, pineapple, sea buckthorn, beetroot and lemon. Of course from controlled organic cultivation! A dash of whey makes it so easily digestible and rounds off the taste.

Fruity breakfast juice that tastes good to everyone
Biotta juice is a delicious aromatic breakfast juice that everyone likes to drink. Children love fruit juices and don't even notice that Biotta Vita 7 also contains organic vegetable juice...

One juice day per week is good for the mind and body. The Biotta Vita 7 is very suitable for a small juice cure, give it a try!

Tip: Well chilled, the breakfast juice tastes best.

The Biotta Vita 7 Juice:

  • All ingredients from organic farming
  • Direct juices without back-diluted concentrate
  • Without added sugar (naturally contains sugar)
  • Without dyes, preservatives, flavourings
  • Without added vitamins
  • From 764 g fruit and vegetables

Direct juices from the best fruit and vegetables
The ingredients for the fruity enjoyment are, wherever possible, from regional organic cultivation, around Lake Constance. Biotta cooperates closely with organic farmers from the region and thus supports environmentally friendly cultivation. The use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and genetic engineering is, of course, consistently avoided.

Only direct juices are used for Biotta juice, no back-diluted concentrates. Fruit and vegetables are processed directly after harvesting. No vitamins, colourings or preservatives need to be added.

Direct juices from oranges, pineapples and many other fruits as well as vegetables Direct juices from carrots and beetroot give the Vita 7 its incomparably good taste. Anyone who has tried Biotta juice knows the difference!

Note: Contains lactose, not vegan. Fruit content 76%, vegetable content 14%.


Ingredients: Orangensaft*, carrots*, banana* (13%), apple juice*, pineapple*, wheys* (10%), grape juice*, sallow thorn berries*, beetroot*, lemon juice concentrate


Allergenic ingredients are highlighted in bold.
Ingredients marked with * are from organic farming.


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