Massage stick heliotrope

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Heliotrope is an effective hematopoietic stone. He activates all the energies of the body and removes blockages. A root and sexual chakra stone with strong energy. A good healing stone, helps with allergies, reduces tumors. An effective immune system booster, removes toxins from the body and helps our body absorb the necessary nutrients.

It is a good stone for those who feel powerless and weak and can no longer move forward in life.
Due to its properties, this stone is popular, for example, among athletes of many countries (increases strength and helps to win). This crystal has also been used extensively throughout history in magic - usually to win in court or deal with legal issues and problems. It is said that heliotrope also helps to see the past and the future.

Also suitable for use in crystal therapy.

NB! Since it is a natural crystal, each one is unique.

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