Semi-precious stone egg, onyx-marble ca. 3.5x5cm

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Onyx is an empowering stone, providing support in difficult and confusing situations or during times of great mental, physical stress. Onyx facilitates the centering of energy and alignment with the highest power. The stone takes you forward to see the future. The stone has the ability to instill personal strength that makes it easier to be the master of your own destiny. Onyx promotes vitality,

Marble is a cleansing stone that supports the blood, skin and body cleansing systems. This stone is used to achieve clarity and to create states of "stopping time" in both meditation and tantric practices. Marble helps maintain self-control, supports the control of one's thoughts and enhances peace of mind. Marble helps maintain sanity and balances the realms of home, heart, and inner convictions. This stone supports remembering dreams and offers protection on both a physical and emotional level. Due to its balancing properties, marble is often used in homeopathy.

Two eggs can be used to balance yourself.

Can be cleansed from time to time with the smoke of Palo Santo, sacred wood.

NB! Since it is a natural stone, each one is unique.

An egg without a base is on sale.

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