Shungite sphere ±4mm

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Shungite is a black stone of more than 2 billion years old, that looks like coal. It has a unique structure, between amorphous (non-crystalline) stone and graphite. In general, shungite is a stone that consists mostly of small, divided globular carbon particles (98%) in crystalline state, and a special type of coal called fullerene. Shungite can absorb (polluting) particles from the air, and has anti-bacterial qualities. It has a great ability to adhere (molecular attraction) or in other words, the ability to communicate with other substances, and defence properties against radiation. The stone is used to protect from electro-smog, p.e. in computers. 
Shungite is used in medical treatments since the 18th century. Peter the Great was the founder of the first Russian heath resort in Karelia. There he used the water purifying properties of shungite that he had himself experienced. He also propagated its use for making purified water for the Russian army. 
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