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SAUNA is a lifestyle and the heater is the heart of SAUNA!

In order for the sauna session to turn out to be a really nice and pleasant sauna evening, it is definitely important to choose the right and suitable heater stones for the heater. The microclimate of the steam room and the quality of the steam depend on the stones. Sauna can be considered one of the most effective ways of healing the body, where you can fight against various diseases and improve your well-being.
Today we know that the sauna rids the body of metabolic waste and helps the body to function normally. Many harmful metabolic substances can be removed from the body with sweat. Steam bath is one of the oldest ways to deep clean the skin, making it smooth and fresh, rejuvenating and repairing the skin. Pores are activated in the sauna, they remove dirt on the skin surface, fat metabolism normalizes, blood circulation improves. The sauna also helps to get rid of headaches, clean the respiratory tract and lose weight.

For the first time in Estonia, it is now possible to buy a unique shungite heater stone, which is estimated to be two billion years old and is found in only one place in the world - Karelia. Since shungite combines the best properties of the heating stones used in Estonia, it is perfectly suitable for heating stones. Using shungite, the quality of the sauna session increases several times, the feeling of well-being after the sauna is very good, and the pleasure of the sauna session is much greater, because the steam obtained from shungite is mild and healthy.

Package weight 10 kg and
Fraction size 8 – 16 cm

* suitable for both wood and electric stoves * to be used as top stones (for electric stoves avoid contact of shungite with heating elements and for wood-burning stoves with the combustion chamber of the stove) * provides soft heat * ensures milder steam at temperatures of 70-90 degrees * allows you to obtain longer-lasting steam * with high heat accumulation capacity - thus saves electricity and firewood * effective evaporation of water * shungite has been used as a healing stone in the past - to balance blood pressure levels, improve blood circulation, clean the respiratory tract, and for the well-being of the skin. * shungite retains its positive properties over the years.

Information for the heater user:
Shungite is brought to Estonia directly from a mine in Karelia in an unprocessed form, so when using it, it must be taken into account that the stone may cover the interior of your steam room with light stone dust when used for the first time. After steam throwing, during the rapid evaporation of the water, extremely small solid particles fly away. Therefore, we definitely recommend washing the rock dust under running water before use.
For better air exchange, place larger stones on the bottom and smaller stones on top.
Because shungite is a mineral in nature and contains water, cracking occurs at higher temperatures during initial heating. The water deeper inside the rock begins to come to the surface through the pores. These are so-called closed chambers or too "narrow" pores, the effect is the same as heating a closed container of water until it bursts. There is also a very large force in the evaporation, which explains the cracking of the rock that occurs during the initial heating, which no longer occurs during the subsequent heatings. As a result of such mini-explosions, microscopic solid particles are thrown into the air. After initial heating, the sauna must be ventilated before practical use.

If you have aired the sauna after the first heating and released the first steam, pleasant sauna evenings are guaranteed!!!

The heating stones are packed in a durable bag, which can later be used, for example, as a shopping bag, etc.

The fluid that comes out with sweat must be replenished with water from outside. Pre-prepared shungite water is perfect for this. Drink enough water to compensate for water loss and get rid of toxins.

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